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Unauthorised use of your vehicle
If anyone uses your vehicle without your knowledge or consent, you must lay a criminal charge against them within 48 hours. You may not withdraw the charge, even if your vehicle is later returned to you.
Be aware of the limits of indemnity
If more than one person is entitled to indemnity, any limitation applies to the total amount, and you will be given priority.
In other words, you will be paid out  rst, according to your limit, even if it means that the other person gets less than they are entitled to.
Take out separate insurance in neighbouring countries
If your vehicle is lost or damaged in one of the neighbouring countries where this policy is valid, the following conditions apply:
○ if separate third-party liability insurance speci c to the country concerned is required, we will not indemnify you for any legal liability that you may incur while using your vehicle there; so you are strongly advised to take out the required insurance in that country, and not rely on the cover of this policy
○ we will compensate you for any amounts in excess of, or not recoverable from, the particular third-party liability insurance required, subject to the laws of South Africa; so if all you get is R10 000, but you claimed for R25 000, we will pay you the difference of R15 000
○ if you have a valid claim, we may decide either to have the vehicle repaired in the country concerned, or have you bring it back to South Africa for repairs.
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