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Window glass
You are covered for accidental damage to any  tted window glass, such as the windscreen and side windows. A claim for window glass will not affect your premium. (Refer to page 20)
Limits apply below
We also cover you for the events listed below, but only up to the limits in the LIMIT SECTION.
Child car seat
We will pay for loss or damage to a  tted child car seat.
Emergency hotel expenses
We will pay for up to 2 days of necessary emergency hotel expenses if you are stranded more than 100 km from your home as a result of an accident or the theft of your car that you are allowed to claim for. You can claim this cover only once every 12 months.
Emergency services
We will pay for costs charged by any emergency-services provider – such as the  re brigade – for responding to an insured event such as your car is on  re or in danger of being damaged by  re.
Keys, locks and remotes
We will pay for the cost of replacing lost or damaged keys, locks and remote controls, including call-out costs of a technician and the reprogramming of any coded alarm system. This will also apply if you have reasonable suspicion that an unauthorised person has access to duplicates.
Medical bene t
We will pay the medical bene t in respect of any occupant of the vehicle who sustains bodily injury as a direct result of an insured event involving the vehicle.
Sound equipment
We will pay for accidental loss or damage to sound equipment in your vehicle.
Any theft or attempted theft of the sound equipment must have been the result of clear signs of forcible entry into the vehicle. A claim for sound equipment will affect your premium. (Refer to page 20)
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