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Payouts are always limited
When you claim for liability to third parties, your payout will always be limited to a speci c amount in any 12-month period. These amounts are stated in the LIMIT SECTION or schedule.
However, note that we may in some instances pay out less than the limit, if we decide that it represents a fair settlement, or if we decide that it is the best way to  nalise a claim.
We may pay you the full limit or any lesser amount for which the claim may be settled to  nalise a claim.
All payouts are made in South Africa, in local currency.
Accident, death, damage
We will pay for your legal liability towards a third party if your vehicle is involved in an event that causes:
○ bodily injury to any person, or the accidental death of that person
○ damage to property
○  re or explosion.
The maximum amount that we will pay is the limit of liability that applies to your vehicle and will not exceed the limit in the LIMIT SECTION.
If you’re travelling on the highway and smash into the car in front of you, we will pay only for the damage to the other car. Your own vehicle is never covered, irrespective of any loss or damage it may sustain.
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