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Paying out after a claim
Payouts are always limited
When you claim for personal liability, your payout will always be limited to a speci c amount in any 12-month period. These amounts are chosen by you when you take out the policy, and are stated in the LIMIT SECTION or schedule.
In some cases, the payout may be less than the maximum stated in the LIMIT SECTION if we decide that it represents a fair settlement. We may pay you the full limit or any lesser amount for which the claim may be settled to  nalise a claim.
All payouts are made in South Africa, in local currency.
Your dog runs out into the street and bites a passer-by. He has to go to hospital, and incurs medical expenses of R95 000. The LIMIT SECTION states that you are covered for this kind of event up to a maximum of R1 million. So we pay out the full R95 000.
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