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P. 142

We cover you for the following:
Wrongful arrest
If your activities as a member of a Neighbourhood Watch (or similar voluntary non-pro t organisation) results in the wrongful arrest or attempted wrongful arrest of an alleged suspect, we cover you for any sums of money that you may subsequently be liable to pay.
This is on condition that the alleged suspect is not a member of your family or household, or any person employed by you.
Activities of your security company
We cover you for any claims that may arise against you as a result of the fact that you use a legally registered security company to protect your insured property.
This includes the liability you may accept in your contract with the security company to indemnify them for events happening in and around your premises.
Electric fence
The ownership of an electric fence which may lead to bodily injury or death.
139 Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording - 20 June 2012

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