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Additional cover you can choose
This particular element of Personal Liability cover is optional, and is valid only if you asked for it when you took out your policy. Please check your schedule to see if it applies to you.
You are covered for personal liability that arises out of your employment, business or profession. It includes any legal liability arising out of the actions of your employees while undertaking deliveries or collections at your clients’ premises.
However, this cover does not include liability for the following:
○ damage to any property you have been working on that is the direct result of that work
○ any contract for the performance of work outside South Africa
○ loss or damage arising from any advice or treatment given by you, or under your direction
○ loss or damage arising from goods or products supplied by you, including containers, labels and instructions
○ damage caused by vibration, or by the removal or weakening of or interference with the support to any
land, building or other structure
○ loss or damage arising from any activities directly related to any educational activity for and on behalf of
an educational concern such as a crèche or playgroup
○ any event that you failed to notify us of in terms of the conditions of this section.
141 Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording - 20 June 2012

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