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P. 146

Use and ownership of vehicles
You are not covered for liability arising from your ownership or use of motor vehicles, quad-bikes, scooters or three-wheeled vehicles, motorcycles, golf carts, and aircraft or pleasure-craft (other than model aircraft, surfboard and paddle-skis). This also applies if the above vehicles are used by, or are in the custody of, your domestic staff.
Death or bodily injury to employees or family
We do not cover liability for death of, or bodily injury to, you or any member of your family, or any employee arising out of their employment by you.
Loss or damage to property
We do not cover you for loss or damage to property that:
○ belongs to you, your family or your employee
○ is in your custody and control
○ is in the custody and control of your directors, members, trustees or bene ciaries, or members of their
families who usually reside with them, if you are a company, close corporation or trust
○ is covered under some other insurance policy.
No cover during structural alterations
We do not cover you for loss or damage to your home or outbuildings when these are being structurally altered, and the loss or damage is caused by these alterations.
Fraud, assault, reckless disregard
You are not covered for liability that arises out of:
○ dishonest, fraudulent or malicious acts by you
○ physical assault committed by you
○ the reckless disregard by you of the possible consequences of your actions or omissions.
143 Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording - 20 June 2012

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