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Paying out after a claim
How much we pay
We pay out the exact amount of cover that you chose when you signed up for this policy. So any claim is settled simply by referring to the schedule of compensation:
○ death
○ medical bene t
○ disability
Who we pay
− as stated in the schedule
− as stated in the schedule
− as shown in the disability table (page 150)
We pay you, or any person or bene ciary named in the schedule. In the event of your death, payment is made to your legal representatives, your estate or the person you have nominated in the policy as your bene ciary.
Age limit: 18-75
You can only claim if you are older than 18 years of age and younger than 75 years of age. No payouts will be made to anyone outside of this age limit, even if the claim is a valid one.
Disability affects payout
The payout that you receive for disability depends on the extent to which you are disabled: the more severe your disability, the higher the payout. See table on next page.
Note, too, that the payout for disability will be deducted from any amount payable for death caused by the same accident.
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