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What we cover you for
Bodily injury
We cover you for bodily injury sustained anywhere in the world that results in:
○ death within 24 months
○ permanent disability within 24 months
○ medical expenses.
The bodily injury must have been sustained directly as a result of an event that was clearly violent and accidental.
If the injury results in death, we will be entitled to have a post-mortem examination undertaken. This will be done at our own expense.
We will pay out the death bene t if you have disappeared, or are presumed dead by a court of law. There also has to be reasonable evidence that this was as a result of an injury as de ned in this section.
If you are subsequently found to be alive, the payout has to be refunded by the person to whom it was made.
We will pay if you are injured as result of exposure to the elements after an accident or an accident of the vehicle you are travelling in. Injury here includes the effects of thirst and starvation.
Funeral bene t
In the event of an accident giving rise to a death claim, we will pay the bene t stated in the LIMIT SECTION as a contribution towards funeral expenses.
Trauma counselling
We will pay the bene t stated in the LIMIT SECTION if you require professional counselling as a result of a violent act of theft, hold-up, hijacking or unlawful assault.
151 Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording - 20 June 2012

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