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Third party
Includes yourself, your spouse and any members of your immediate family who normally reside with you and are  nancially dependent on you
Someone other than yourself who is involved in an insured event – for example, the skipper of another boat that is involved in an accident with you
Your pleasure-craft is so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired economically; or it has been stolen and cannot be recovered
Key terms to understand
Pleasure-craft – full de nition
Your pleasure-craft consists of the hull and motors. If you ask us you may also insure trailers. It includes all original standard equipment, as well as any accessories sold with the craft.
Other accessories,  ttings and equipment may also be covered under this policy, so long as they are speci ed in the schedule – for example:
○ clothing, sea boots, sextants, nautical books
○ jet-ski’s
○  shing gear.
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