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Theft of motors
There is no cover for theft of motors unless the pleasure-craft is stolen at the same time, or there are clear signs of forced entry to the pleasure-craft or place of storage.
Motors accidentally immersed
There is no cover for loss or damage to motors accidentally immersed in water, unless you have taken reasonable steps to  ush and repair them immediately.
Driving under the in uence
There is no cover for loss, damage, injury or liability that arises when you or anybody else are piloting or towing your pleasure-craft while:
○ under the in uence of intoxicating liquor or drugs; or
○ the alcohol content in your blood exceeds the legal limit.
This is irrespective of the method used to determine the degree of intoxication – for example, a breathalyser test or a blood test.
The following instances of liability
Although we do cover you for general liability towards third parties, this does not include the following speci c cases:
○ seepage, pollution or contamination, or the cost of removing, nullifying or cleaning, unless it is caused by a sudden, unintended and unforeseen occurrence
○ loss or damage to property for which you are responsible while conveyed on the pleasure-craft, except if it belongs to passengers or waterskiers
○ death or bodily injury:
- to a member of your family who usually resides with you
- to your employee, arising out of and in the course of their employment by you
- due to any advice or treatment, other than  rst-aid treatment, given or administered by you or by any person acting on your behalf
○ liability of a third party accepted by you in an agreement, unless you would have been liable even without the agreement
○ conveying the pleasure-craft by land.
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