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Key terms to understand
You Building
Risk address
Standard construction
the person in whose name the policy is issued
your private home, with all its infrastructure,  xtures and  ttings (see full list below) of standard construction
the address in your schedule
means that all buildings have been built with:
○ ○
walls of brick, stone or concrete
roofs of slate, tile, concrete, asbestos or metal
The building includes
o outbuildings, landlord’s  xtures and  ttings
o water, sewerage, electricity and gas connections
o paths and driveways constructed of brick, concrete, pavers asphalt or stone (not gravel)
o walls, gates and fences (excluding hedges)
o swimming pools (excluding portable pools or those above ground level)
o  xed  ltration plant and water-pumping machinery (excluding automatic pool cleaners)
o pool safety nets and covers
o tennis courts, sauna and spa baths
o solar geysers
o alternative-energy units such as photo-voltaic cells and  xed generators (if listed as covered in the
Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording - 20 June 2012

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