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In addition to the standard cover outlined in the preceding pages, you are also covered for the following, subject to the relevant conditions and limits in the LIMIT SECTION.
Damage to the garden
We will pay for any damaged trees, shrubs or plants that need to be replaced after a valid claim, so long as the claim wasn’t caused by theft or attempted theft.
Demolition and professional fees
If your home has to be demolished as a result of a claim settlement, we will pay the following additional costs that you may have to incur, provided you get our written consent:
○ demolishing the building, removing debris and erecting hoardings required for building operations
○ fees for the services of architects, quantity surveyors, consulting engineers and local authorities
○ any actions required by a public authority.
Emergency-services expenses
We will pay for the costs charged by any emergency-services provider – such as the  re brigade – that has to be called in to respond to an insured event.
Gate motor or garage-door motor
We will pay for the repair or replacement of your electric gate motor or your garage-door motor, in the event of accidental damage.
Glass and sanitary-ware
We will pay for the repair of any accidental breakage to  xed glass (for example, mirrors) and sanitary-ware (for example, washbasins, toilet bowls), except when this is the result of chipping, scratching or dis guration.
This cover does not apply when:
○ the building is unfurnished or unoccupied
○ the building or any of the outbuildings are being structurally altered.
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