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Keys, locks and remote controls
We will pay for the cost of replacing lost or damaged keys, locks and remote controls, including the call-out costs of a technician. This will also apply if you have reasonable suspicion that an unauthorised person has access to duplicates.
Liability to third parties
You are covered as a property owner for liability to third parties, such as members of the public. The details are described under the Personal Liability section on page 131.
Pest contamination
We will pay for professional extermination and control of pests caused by a sudden and unexpected infestation of your home that:
○ is a risk to your health
○ can lead to loss or damage to your home
○ makes your home uninhabitable.
This cover does not apply to infestations of termites or woodborer, or if your home has been unoccupied for more than 60 days.
Power  uctuation
We will pay for damage to your building that is caused by power  uctuations on the distribution line of any public authority.
Public supply or mains connection
We will pay for loss or damage to water, sewerage, gas, electricity or telephone connections belonging to you, or for which you are responsible, between your home and the public supply.
Removal of fallen trees
We will pay for the cost of removing fallen trees from your property after an insured event. This is provided that the costs are necessary and reasonable, and that you  rst obtain our written consent. The limit applies to any 12-month period.
39 Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording - 20 June 2012

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