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If your home becomes uninhabitable because of damage to the building, we will cover you for the rental cost of living in alternative similar accommodation. This cover will apply until the building becomes habitable once more but not exceeding a period of 12 months from the event.
This cover will also apply if you cannot gain access to your home because of an insured event (such as a  re or storm) that happens within a 10km radius of the building.
Similarly, if any building on your property that earns you rental income – for example, a cottage – becomes uninhabitable, you will be covered for the loss of that rental income. This cover will apply until the building in question becomes habitable once more.
This cover does not apply when the building or any of the outbuildings are being structurally altered.
Satellite dish and aerial
You are covered for accidental damage that occurs on your premises to television aerials or satellite dishes attached to the building.
Security guards
If you need to employ security guards on your property to keep it safe as a result of an insured event, we will pay that cost – as long as it is both necessary and reasonable.
Subsidence and landslip
Limited cover
You are covered for loss or damage to the building caused by subsidence, landslip or heave of the land supporting it. However, you are not covered if this is caused by:
○ normal settlement, shrinkage or expansion of the building
○ structural alterations, additions or repairs
○ the compaction of in ll
○ defective or faulty design, materials or workmanship
○ excavations other than mining operations
○ removal or weakening of support to the building
○ contraction or expansion of soil, clay or similar types of soil
○ moisture or damp.
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