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Only applies if speci ed
The cover below is not automatic. It applies only if you have speci cally requested it – i.e. it is listed as covered in the schedule.
Accidental damage
We will pay up to the amount stated in the LIMIT SECTION for accidental loss or damage to the building.
This does not include loss or damage to the following items: irrigation equipment, driveways, pavements, roads, cables, cableways, excavations or property below ground.
In addition, it does not include loss or damage arising from the following events:
○ collapse of buildings and structures
○ any work done on the building, or normal maintenance
○ domestic pets, termites, moths, insects or vermin,
○  aws or defects (whether latent or visible) in any aspect of the design, construction or maintenance of
the building
○ subsidence and landslip
○ chemicals, oils, liquids, gases or fumes
○ denting, chipping, scratching or cracking, unless the functionality of the item has been affected and it can
no longer be used
○ frost, change in temperature, expansion or humidity
○ dampness , dryness, wet- or dry rot
○ contamination or pollution
○ change in colour, texture or  nish
○ corrosion, rust, oxidation or any other chemical action or reaction
○ any loss claimable under another section of the policy
○ any loss resulting from an excluded event under any other section
○ depreciation.
In ation
We will increase the sum insured of your building annually in line with in ation.
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