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Subsidence and landslip
Extended cover
You are covered for loss of or damage to the building caused by subsidence, landslip or heave of the land supporting it. However, you are not covered if this is caused by:
○ normal settlement, shrinkage or expansion of the building
○ structural alterations, additions or repairs
○ the compaction of in ll
○ defective or faulty design, materials or workmanship
○ excavations other than mining operations
○ removal or weakening of support to the building.
In addition, we are not liable for loss or damage to septic and conservancy tanks, or drains and water courses, unless the building is damaged at the same time by the same insured event. Any damage that existed before your policy started is not covered.
If required, you will have to prove that the loss or damage being claimed for was caused by subsidence, landslip or heave.
Subsidence, landslip and heave
Subsidence means sinking – i.e. the vertical, downward movement of soil. It includes settlement, which is a lateral movement.
Landslip means the sliding down of a mass of land. It is, in effect, a small landslide, and it typically occurs on a slope.
Heave – means the upward movement of soil supporting the building.
45 Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording - 20 June 2012

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