Page 49 - Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording
P. 49

What is not covered
Loss or damage caused by
Lack of maintenance, non-standard construction, nobody at home, etc.
○ You are not covered for loss or damage that is due to:
○ the building not being maintained properly
○ the building being of non-standard construction, unless stated in the schedule
○ the building being unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days during any 12-month period, unless
we have agreed to it (see de nition below)
○ defective design, speci cation, construction or material.
De nition of “unoccupied”
Your home is unoccupied if you or any of the people who usually live there have all gone out, leaving it empty – for example, shopping for a few hours or on holiday for a few weeks. The presence of a domestic worker in the servants’ quarters or outbuildings does not change this de nition.
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