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Breakdown, vermin and damp
You are not covered for loss or damage resulting from the following:
○ mechanical or electrical breakdown (unless speci cally stated in the schedule)
○ vermin, insects, mildew, damp, wet or dry rot, or any other gradually operating cause. Certain speci c items
Securities, manuscripts, medals, livestock, etc.
- negotiable securities such as deeds, bonds, bills of exchange, promissory notes and cheques
- manuscripts or documents of any kind
- sunglasses
- mobile phones
- prepaid phone cards or cellphone vouchers
- motor vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, golf carts, three-wheeled vehicles, quad-bikes, caravans, trailers
and all  tted accessories
- aircraft, pleasure-craft, hang-gliders and their equipment
- livestock or other animals
- rare books, medals, stamps or coin collections, unless speci ed in the schedule
- any item that you speci cally insure in this policy or any other policy.
Loss or damage from non-standard construction
Your policy is valid only if your home and outbuildings are of standard construction – i.e. the walls and roof are solidly built of material such as brick, stone or metal (see de nition on page 51). Any exceptions to this requirement must be speci ed in the schedule.
Thatched roof
You cannot claim for loss or damage if your home has a thatched roof, unless this is speci cally mentioned in the schedule.
What is not covered
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