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Tell us if you change your address
You must tell us immediately if you permanently move to a new address. We may impose new terms, premiums and conditions.
Keep jewellery in a safe
You must keep all jewellery and watches valued at more than the amount stated in the LIMIT SECTION in a securely locked wall- or  oor-mounted safe when not in use.
We will not pay for loss or damage to jewellery or watches as a result of theft or attempt thereat unless:
○ your safe has been broken into or
○ you can prove threat of violence.
Provide us with jewellery certi cates
Before your cover starts, you must provide us with a valuation certi cate from a registered jeweller or valuator. If you do not, we will not pay you more than the amount stated in the LIMIT SECTION for jewellery, gold, silver, platinum, watches, and precious- or semi-precious stones.
Do not leave the property unoccupied
Unless we have agreed to it, you will not be able to claim for theft from your home or any other home on the property if it is left unoccupied for more than 60 consecutive days during any 12-month calendar period. We may charge an additional premium to extend the cover.
Please note that the presence of your domestic worker on the property does not constitute occupation, even if they are living in any of the outbuildings, or in their domestic quarters.
Your Speci c Responsibilities
De nition of “unoccupied”
Your home is unoccupied if you or any of the people who usually live there have all gone out, leaving it empty – for example, shopping for a few hours or on holiday for a few weeks. The presence of a domestic worker in the servants’ quarters or outbuildings does not change this de nition.
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