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Have these minimum security measures
You must have the minimum security measures as stated in the schedule in place on your property at all times, fully maintained and in working order:
burglar bars and security gates
○ all opening windows, louvres and skylights must be protected by burglar bars
○ security gates must be  tted to all exiting doors, and must be locked when your home is left unoccupied.
alarm system
○ the alarm must be linked to and monitored by a 24-hour armed-response service
○ the alarm must be working properly
○ it must be activated when you are not on the property
○ you must change the generic code to your own unique code.
You do not need these minimum security measures if “No Security Requirements” is clearly stated in the schedule.
If you are unsure of which security requirement applies, please check your schedule.
Monitor the risk pro le of your tenants
You must advise us as soon as possible of any change to the risk pro le of any tenant residing on your property. An example is if your tenant changes the security arrangements. In such cases, we may impose additional terms and conditions.
55 Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording - 20 June 2012

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