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From your home; elsewhere on the property; away from the property
You are covered for loss or damage to the contents of your home that is caused by theft or attempted theft from your home. In other cases there must clear signs of forced entry or exit.
Theft payout depends on circumstances
The exact amount we pay out for theft always depends on the underlying circumstances. Sometimes we pay out up to the full amount insured – for example, when the theft occurs at your home. At other times, we pay less than the full sum insured, or simply a limited amount – for example, when the theft occurs away from your home. These lesser amounts are spelled out in the LIMIT SECTION.
The theft cover applies in the following cases:
Payout up to the sum insured
We pay out up to the sum insured for theft that occurs at your home.
This cover also applies:
- to theft when your contents are being moved by professional movers during a permanent change of address
- when your contents are in transit to or from a furniture-storage outlet or a bank safe deposit.
Limited payout
We pay out less than the sum insured (i.e. a limited amount) for the following kinds of theft:
- theft from any other home or educational institution where you may be temporarily residing. However, this cover does not apply to boarding houses, communes or buildings of non-standard construction
- theft from any other occupied private home
- theft of outdoor furniture, implements and equipment; laundry; garden tools and implements; and
swimming-pool equipment, such as safety nets and covers
- theft from your outbuildings.
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