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In ation
If you ask us, we will increase your contents sum insured annually in line with in ation.
Of ce contents
We will pay for loss or damage to any goods or equipment in your home that are legitimately used for of ce purposes – for example, in your home profession or any one-person business that you run on the premises.
Subsidence and landslip
You are covered for loss or damage to contents on your property caused by subsidence (when the ground sinks) and landslip (when the ground slides). However, this cover does not apply when the subsidence or landslip results from:
○ structural alterations, additions or repairs to your home or outbuildings
○ defective or faulty design, materials or workmanship
○ excavations, other than mining operations
○ removal or weakening of the support to your home
○ damage that already existed when your cover started.
If required, you will have to prove that the loss or damage was caused by subsidence, landslip or heave (the
upward movement of the soil under the building).
67 Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording - 20 June 2012

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