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Personal documents
Following an insured event, we will pay for the cost of any materials and labour necessary to reinstate or obtain duplicates of your personal documents.
Pest contamination
We will pay for professional extermination and control of pests caused by a sudden and unexpected infestation of your home that:
○ is a risk to your health
○ can lead to loss or damage to your contents
○ makes your home uninhabitable.
This cover does not apply to infestations of termites or woodborer, or if your home has been unoccupied for more than 60 days
Power  uctuation
We will pay for damage to your household contents that are caused by an electricity power  uctuations on the distribution line of any public authority.
Refrigerator contents
We will pay for food that has gone off in your refrigerator or freezer as a result of mechanical or electrical breakdown, or a prolonged loss of electrical power.
This cover does not apply if your electricity has been cut off because you haven’t paid your bill, or there is load- shedding by any public authority for less than 24 hours.
Damage to your fridge or freezer as a result of the power loss is not covered.
If your home becomes uninhabitable because of the effects of loss or damage, we will cover you for the rental cost of living in alternative similar accommodation. This cover will apply until your home becomes habitable once more.
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