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Unspeci ed property
Unspeci ed property means everyday items of clothing and personal effects normally worn or carried on one’s person. It includes sports equipment, money and negotiable instruments.
The following items of unspeci ed property are not covered:
○ vehicle sound equipment, cellphones, cassette tapes, or any other electronic device or disc that can be
held in the hand
○ sunglasses or contact lenses
○ stamp- or coin collections
○ camping equipment, or the contents of caravans
○ golf clubs
○ pedal-cycles
○ computer equipment and accessories (laptops, notebooks, palmtops, iPads, etc.)
○ property that is more speci cally insured.
If you need cover for any of these items, you must specify them.
Speci ed property
Any item of property that is speci cally listed in your schedule is covered.
This includes caravan contents such as household goods, whether in the caravan itself or the side tent.
Which items of your property are insured
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