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Accidental loss or damage
We cover you for accidental loss or damage anywhere in the world, from any cause that is not speci cally excluded.
For example, you are covered if you drop your computer and break it, spill coffee on it, or it is stolen at home or at work.
We will not pay more than the amount in the LIMIT SECTION for the following:
Reinstatement of data
These are necessary costs and expenses incurred by you to reinstate data or programs lost as a result of accidental erasure. This is on condition that the lost data or programs were not caused by:
○ program errors
○ a virus or malware (harmful software such as viruses or Trojans)
○ intentional cancellation, corruption of data or incorrect entry.
Ensuring compatibility between your old and new computer
As part of getting your new computer operational, we can also cover you for any reasonable costs incurred to ensure that it is fully compatible with your old one.
For example, you may need to change elements of your new computer, replace licensed programs or restore data that has become inaccessible on your old computer.
What we cover you for
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