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What is not covered
For any of the following speci c scenarios:
You are not covered for any of the following, unless otherwise stated in the schedule:
○ if you use the computer for any purpose other than personal use or for your home industry or professional home use
○ loss or damage that is already provided for under a maintenance or lease agreement
○ theft from your place of employment, unless there are clear signs of forced entry into or exit from the
○ any loss from an unattended vehicle, unless there are clear signs of forced entry to a locked boot or
compartment where the item was concealed
○ loss or damage from:
○ the development of poor contacts, or the scratching of paint or polished surfaces
○ any process of cleaning, maintenance or upgrading
○ any type of virus or malware (harmful software such as viruses or Trojans).
○ parts that have a short life, unless this is a result of other insured damage to the computer that happened at the same time
○ any loss incurred as a result of your not being able to use your damaged computer
○ damage or liability of any kind that isn’t speci cally provided for here.
95 Bay Union - Prestige Policy Wording - 20 June 2012

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