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Sec on 6 – Personal accident
Your obliga ons
○ No ce must be given to us in wri ng as soon as reasonably possible of any incident which may result in a claim.
○ Proof of earnings is a prerequisite for us paying any bene t.
○ Payment will be issued to you or your estate only.
○ Medical examina ons must be undertaken at our cost, should we require it.
○ Medical advice means in the event of any bodily injury, which may result in a claim, medical advice must be sought within a reasonable  me and followed. We are not liable for any consequences resul ng from your failure to seek advice or to follow it, including the use of prescribed special apparatus.
○ Motor vehicle accident and/or hijacking cover applies provided that:
– you were wearing a safety belt at the  me of a motor vehicle accident
– your vehicle was not being used for illegal purposes.
○ You must no fy us of any serious illness or physical in rmity which, to your knowledge a ects you or of a career
change that result in a more hazardous occupa on.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 99

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