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Sec on 7 – Watercra 
○ Sails and protec ve covers means if sails or protec ve covers are more than three years old when loss or damage occurs we will pay for two-thirds of the replacement cost only.
○ Salvage costs means costs incurred with our wri en consent, for li ing out, removal or destruc on of the wreckage of the watercra  up to the limit stated in the schedule.
○ Transit risks means we cover any own damage during transit by land (including loading and unloading).
○ Use by another person means any person other than the operator will be regarded as the policyholder provided
they comply with the terms and condi ons of the policy.
○ Laid up periods mean we do not refund any premium for any period during which your watercra  may be laid up.
Op onal cover
The following cover needs to be speci cally requested by you. If we agree to give the cover it will be stated in the schedule and an addi onal premium will be payable.
○ Speci ed accessories means loss of or damage to the accessories as described in the schedule including the following:
– boa ng and  shing equipment such as  shing rods and reels, tackle and accessories, GPSes, echo- nders, boa ng emergency gear, skis, ski ropes and other specialised equipment
– non-motorised boats, canoes, in atables, windsurfers, parasails, sur oards, paddle-skis and kayaks
– water-skis and ropes.
Your obliga ons
○ A watercra    ed with an inboard engine is required to be equipped with an automa c  re ex nguishing system, which must be regularly maintained, otherwise  re and explosion incidents will be excluded.
○ The in atable, canoe, sailboard or sur oard must be stored in a locked building when not in use.
○ The watercra  must be controlled at all  mes by a competent skipper or must be under his supervision.
○ You must provide adequate proof of ownership and insurable interest.
○ The watercra  should be kept secure while at your place of residence.
○ You will take all reasonable steps to maintain your watercra  in a proper state of repair and in a seaworthy condi on. You will forfeit cover if you do not.
○ You will at all  mes exercise all reasonable precau ons for the safety of your watercra  to prevent loss, damage or accidents.
○ You will comply with all laws applicable to the ownership, possession and use of the watercra . Your tender boat must be permanently marked with the name of the parent cra  it belongs to.
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