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Sec on 7 – Watercra 
We do
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not cover you if any of the following either cause or contribute to loss or damage:
sails and hoardings torn by wind or blown away while hoisted
deprecia on, wear and tear, gradually opera ng causes
reduc on in value caused by repairs, lack of use or altera ons
pests such as moths, rodents or vermin scratching, bi ng or chewing by domes c pets, bruising, cha ng or den ng
the watercra  not being seaworthy or maintained
while the watercra  is le  moored or anchored una ended o  an exposed beach or shore and has become stranded, sunk, swamped or breaks adri 
outboard motors that are not securely chained or bolted to the watercra , dropping o  or falling overboard
the  of motors unless the moored watercra  is stolen at the same  me, or there is evidence of violent and forced entry to the watercra  or place of storage
motors accidentally immersed in water, unless you have taken reasonable steps to  ush and repair them immediately
mechanical, electric or electronic breakdown, failures or breakages including any consequen al loss of or damage to any other mechanical, electrical or electronic component
cleaning, repairing, restoring or maintenance by any manner or method a latent defect in the watercra 's design or construc on.
Loss or damage while the watercra  is being used for any purpose other than social, pleasure and domes c use. Use for the following is speci cally excluded:
What is not covered
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business, trade or professional purposes
any hiring out or chartering of the watercra 
towing or salvage services under contract
the watercra  being chartered or hired out
a houseboat as permanent residence
racing, speed tests or trials or other contests and compe  ons including rega as single-handed naviga on in open waters
towing or salvaging other watercra , other than one in distress
being towed other than when in distress, or when laying up or being   ed out for repairs carrying passengers for reward
used anywhere outside 'Where we cover your watercra '.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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