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P. 109

Sec on 7 – Watercra 
○ We will not be liable while the watercra  is being transported by a person who has no valid driver’s licence or while the watercra  is under the control of any person who is under the in uence of intoxica ng liquor or drugs.
○ The  or a empted the  of:
–  xtures,   ngs, equipment and outboard motors of the watercra  unless accompanied by actual evidence
of force
– jet-skis or wet-bikes in the open on a trailer, if le  una ended.
○ We do not cover any loss or damage arising from the watercra  being le  una ended a oat on moorings, unless you have our prior agreement.
○ Loss or damage to the following items if they are not adequately protected from water and nature elements:
– anybody’s clothing or personal e ects
– gear of any nature
– sports or recrea on equipment
– safety and medical supplies
– watercra  items not a ached to the watercra , and
– electronic and mechanical equipment.
○ Machinery, ba eries and their connec ons, unless caused by other damage to the watercra , or there has been violent and forced entry to or exit from the watercra  or place of storage.
○ Mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown, and failure or breakage, unless this is the result of other damage to the watercra .
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 107

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