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Sec on 7 – Watercra 
○ Liability of another person if the other person:
– has never, to your knowledge, been refused insurance
– is not en tled to compensa on under any other policy
– is not pilo ng the watercra  as an employee of a shipyard, slipway, yacht club or similar organisa on
– complies with all the terms and condi ons of this policy.
○ Driving under the in uence
There is no cover for loss, damage, injury or liability that arises when you or anybody else is pilo ng or towing
your watercra  while:
– under the in uence of intoxica ng liquor or drugs, or
– the alcohol content in your blood exceeds the legal limit.
This is irrespec ve of the method used to determine the degree of intoxica on – for example, a breathalyser test
or a blood test.
○ We will not be liable while the watercra  is being conveyed by a person who has no valid skipper’s licence or who is not older than 16 years. If the watercra  is conveyed on land, the driver must have a valid driver’s licence. A valid skipper’s or driver’s licence is one that:
– has been obtained from the correct authority, for the correct category
– has been renewed on  me
– has not lapsed or been cancelled or suspended.
Although we do cover you for general liability towards third par es, this does not include the following speci c cases:
• seepage, pollu on or contamina on, or the cost of removing, nullifying or cleaning, unless it is caused by a sudden, unintended and unforeseen occurrence
• loss or damage to property for which you are responsible while conveyed on the watercra , except if it belongs to passengers or water-skiers
• death or bodily injury:
▪ to a member of your family who usually resides with you
▪ to your employee, arising out of and in the course of their employment by you
▪ due to any advice or treatment, other than  rst-aid treatment, given or administered by you or by any person ac ng on your behalf
• liability of a third party accepted by you in an agreement, unless you would have been liable even without the agreement
• conveying the watercra  by land.
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