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Sec on 8 – Motor vehicle
Uses that are speci cally not covered:
– any use that is contrary to the op on you have exercised
– the carrying of any goods or passengers, which is greater than the mass or number of passengers the vehicle is licensed to carry
– ren ng the vehicle out
– carrying of passengers for  nancial gain whether on a fare-paying or hire basis
– racing or speeding of any sort
– driving on a course or racetrack, whether as part of an event or not
– paid driving instruc on
– towing a vehicle for  nancial gain
– use while in the custody and control of the motor trade for any purpose other than the overhaul, upkeep or repair of the vehicle
– overloading your vehicle and/or any use outside the relevant manufacturers speci ca ons of vehicle and/ or accessories
– business or commercial purposes of motorcycles, scooters, three-wheeled vehicles, quad-bikes, trailers, caravans, motorised caravans or golf carts
– carriage of commercial goods in or on a goods-carrying vehicle
– quad-bikes while being driven on a public road.
– You may not, under any circumstances, use your vehicle to carry explosives or hazardous goods, unless it is for your own personal domes c use and you do not need a formal permit – for example, a gas cylinder for your stove or acid for your pool. Typical examples of explosives and hazardous goods are nitro-glycerine or dynamite; chemicals or compressed gas; gas in liquid form; hazardous waste and liquid petroleum.
– You may not, under any circumstances, use your vehicle as a courier or transport contractor.
○ Reduced pay-out for Code 3 or SAPVIN vehicles
If your vehicle is classi ed on eNaTIS1 as a Code 3 vehicle or SAPVIN, and it is wri en o  or stolen, we may reduce your pay-out by up to the limit stated in the schedule.
A Code 3 vehicle is a new or used motor vehicle that has been rebuilt a er sustaining damage in an accident or incident. Even though it is roadworthy and complies with all relevant legisla on, it always carries a Code 3 ra ng.
A SAPVIN (SA Police Vehicle Iden  ca on Number) code vehicle can be allocated only by the Police when a vehicle’s VIN number has been tampered with. The VIN number usually starts with AAPV.
1 eNaTIS (Electronic Na onal Tra c Informa on System) is the motor-vehicle registra on system of the Na onal Department of Transport.
116 Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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