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Sec on 8 – Motor vehicle
Addi onal cover
When we accept a claim under your policy for an insured cause that happens during the period of insurance, you are also en tled to the addi onal cover. Addi onal cover is limited to the amount stated in the schedule. The excess in the schedule applies if stated below.
○ Auto glass means if the glass in the windscreen, windows, head, tail, or spotlights or sunroof is damaged we will pay for its replacement or repair. Payment, replacement or repair of auto glass only will not a ect your no-claim discount. The excess stated in the schedule applies to this cover.
○ Clean up and removal of debris of the wreckage of your motor vehicle following the damage to such motor vehicle will be limited to the amount stated in the schedule.
○ How we handle claims in neighbouring countries
– If you have a valid claim, we may decide either to have the vehicle repaired in the country concerned, or
have you bring it back to South Africa for repairs.
– We will not pay for the following:
• the  of parts or accessories while the vehicle is le  unguarded at the scene of an accident
• more than the amount in the schedule for towing costs and bringing the damaged vehicle back to South Africa
• any government-imposed du es, customs, charges or stamps
• if the vehicle is a write-o  and you do not bring it back to South Africa, we will deduct the value of the salvage from your pay-out. The value of the salvage will be the amount we would have received for it in South Africa. You will remain the owner of the salvage and be responsible for complying with any local government requirements2.
○ Emergency repairs are automa cally covered up to the limit stated in the schedule if due to loss or damage covered under this sec on. An itemised invoice is required for us to se le the claim.
○ Emergency hotel expenses
In the event of loss or damage to the insured vehicle occurring at a distance greater than 200 km from your
residence, we will pay emergency hotel expenses necessarily incurred, up to the limits stated in the schedule.
○ Imported parts mean the cost of air freigh ng and/or impor ng replacement parts and express delivery up to the limit stated in the schedule. We will pay the amount equal to the part only. We are not responsible for the
costs which you may incur as result of delays in the delivery of the parts.
○ Locks and keys including an -the  systems and remote control devices means costs necessarily incurred for loss or damage and any necessary reprogramming of such devices, including where the insured has reason to believe that an unauthorised person may be in possession of a duplicate device. The excess stated in the schedule applies to this cover.
2 Please note that when you cross the border into the neighbouring country, you usually sign an agreement on the temporary import permit sta ng that you will remove the car from that country when returning to South Africa.
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