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Sec on 8 – Motor vehicle
Op onal cover
The following cover needs to be speci cally requested by you. If we agree to give the cover it will be stated in the schedule and an addi onal premium will be payable. This cover will form part of the sum insured of your vehicle.
Car hire means if your motor vehicle is damaged or stolen we will provide you with the use of a hire vehicle in terms of your selec on stated in the schedule. Cover is limited to a maximum of the number of days selected by you and stated in your schedule or un l your claim is  nalised, whichever the lesser. This cover is e ec ve from the date of report of the incident. The car hire op on includes:
– a vehicle as selected by you from our available op ons stated in the schedule
– unlimited kilometres
– airport surcharge
– tourism levy
– delivery or collec ons up to 25 km from the nearest car hire company contracted by us. You are responsible for the following:
• all fuel deposits, fuel and running costs
• all toll road fees
• insurance costs, including excesses
• any tra c  nes or penal es you may incur
• any breakdown or recovery costs
• the di erence in costs between the car-hire group stated in your schedule and a more expensive car-hire group that you request
• you must have a valid credit card issued in your name with which to pay the car-hire company for the above fees and excess
• this sec on does not apply to motorcycles, caravans, trailers, vintage cars or vintage motorcycles.
Credit shor all increased cover means we will pay the di erence between the retail value of the motor vehicle and the amount outstanding on the credit agreement if the vehicle is damaged and it is our opinion that it cannot be economically repaired or when it is stolen and not recovered within a reasonable period. We pay the di erence to the  tleholder stated in the agreement, excluding instalments or interest on arrears, up to the limit stated in the schedule, provided that the sum insured stated in the schedule is adequate.
This is addi onal cover, and applies if the limited cover is not enough.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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