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Sec on 8 – Motor vehicle
○ Diminu on in value means if your vehicle is stolen and recovered within 30 days, we will pay, in addi on to the damage to the vehicle, up to 10% of the retail value of the vehicle due to the diminu on in value as a result of the vehicle being ‘S’-marked on the SAPS Stolen Vehicle Circula on System, provided that:
– we will pay up to the sum insured stated in the schedule
– the vehicle is within three years of the date of  rst registra on as new, or within three years of the date of
 rst use, whichever the earlier.
○ 4X4 Cover (O -road)
This cover applies only to a motor vehicle stated in the schedule and for which this cover is selected, but exclude the vehicles being used for the purpose of any organised compe  ve 4x4 o -road ac vi es such as  me trials and contests. O -road use means we will cover your 4x4 or 2x4 and/or all-terrain motor vehicles. The o -road use is limited to four-wheel driving, trail driving, sand-dune driving or an ac vity on registered trails and registered adventure trails. This sec on does not apply to motorcycles, caravans, trailers, vintage cars or vintage motorcycles.
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