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Sec on 8 – Motor vehicle
Your obliga ons
Vehicle security means the installa on of a tracking and recovery device. We may in certain instances require a tracking device in order to insure the vehicle for the  cover.
○ Vehicle security warranty
If a security or tracking device is a prerequisite and/or the sum insured of your vehicle is in excess of the limit
stated in the schedule, you must be able to prove to us in the event of a claim:
– that it is an early-warning system type and not of dormant nature
– that it was already installed at the  me of the incident, and was ac vated and working
– that it is self-tes ng, or had been tested in the last six months.
You must also be able to show us that you immediately reported any the  or hijacking to the tracking company, and that your contract was ac ve and paid up.
If a tracking device is not a requirement, but you have installed one, we will waive the speci c excess payable in respect of claims for the  or hijacking.
Check your schedule now to see whether a security or tracking device is a prerequisite for the  cover.
○ Road tra c regula ons means you must ensure that your motor vehicles are not used for any purpose other than what they are speci cally designed for.
○ Other important informa on you must adhere to:
– –
– –
Keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condi on (for example, replace worn-out tyres, brakes and defec ve lights).
Take all reasonable precau ons to prevent the , for example:
• remove keys when no one is in the motor vehicle
• lock all doors and windows when your motor vehicle is parked and una ended
• accompany anyone test-driving your motor vehicle when it is up for sale.
Keep your motor vehicle well maintained and in good condi on (for example,  xing paint problems, major rust, worn upholstery and unclaimed major scratches or dents).
Service your motor vehicle as required by the manufacturer and keep records of this in case you need to claim for mechanical damage resul ng from an incident.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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