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Sec on 8 – Motor vehicle
What is not covered
○ Loss or damage caused by or resul ng from any of the following:
– mechanical, electronic or electrical breakdown, failures or breakages
– gradual causes such as wear and tear, rust, mildew, corrosion or decay
– deprecia on or diminu on in value of the insured motor vehicle consequent upon it having sustained damage while insured under this policy except if diminu on in value is stated in the schedule
– damage to tyres by:
• the applica on of brakes, or
• any road surface damage causing punctures, cuts or bursts
– damage to tyres by braking, punctures, cuts or bursts
– damage to the motor vehicle caused by or a ributable to its unroadworthy condi on or lack of maintenance
– defec ve workmanship or repair to the motor vehicle or faulty or defec ve parts or components on the motor vehicle
– con sca on
– loss or damage resul ng from the ac ons of domes c pets – for example, scratching, bi ng, chewing,
tearing or soiling.
○ We will not pay for any loss or damage when you drive a damaged motor vehicle means any further loss or damage to your vehicle caused by opera ng your motor vehicle a er it was damaged in an incident.
○ Unlicensed driving: we will not pay for loss or damage to the motor vehicle while you or any person with your express or implied consent drives or tows the vehicle:
– with no driver’s licence or learner’s licence. Learner drivers must be able to show that they were accompanied by a licensed driver
– have been charged or convicted of reckless or negligent driving
– not correctly licensed or not complying with condi ons of their licence
– not complying in terms of legisla on applying to the territory in which the motor vehicle is being used.
○ We will not pay for loss, damage, injury or liability that arises when you are driving or towing your vehicle while:
– under the in uence of intoxica ng liquor or drugs
– the alcohol content in your blood exceeds the legal limit.
This is irrespec ve of the method used to determine the degree of intoxica on – for example, a breathalyser test
or a blood test.
This also applies to any other person who may be driving or towing your vehicle with your permission.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 123

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