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P. 129

Sec on 8 – Motor vehicle
○ Passenger liability in respect of motor vehicles means legal liability for amounts which you must pay as payment, to a person who at the  me of the event is transported in or on an insured motor vehicle and solely su ers pure emo onal shock. We will pay up to the limit stated in the schedule.
○ We will pay up to the limit stated in the schedule if your motor vehicle is towing a caravan or trailer and loss or damage is caused to another person’s property as a result of:
– the ac ons of your caravan or trailer
– your caravan or trailer running out of control a er separa ng from your car while your car is moving
– another vehicle colliding with or trying to avoid colliding with:
• property falling from your caravan or trailer while it is being towed by your vehicle
• property being loaded or unloaded from your caravan or trailer a ached to your vehicle.
Your obliga ons
In the event of an incident you must not admit fault or make any o er, deal or payment, unless you have our prior wri en agreement.
Our rights
We are en tled to arrange for:
○ representa on at any legal autopsy or inquest rela ng to any death
○ the defence in respect of any ac on which is the cause of or related to any occurrence.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 127

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