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General terms and condi ons
○ Malicious damage means damage resul ng from the deliberate, wilful or wanton act of any person that is committed with the intent to cause damage, including vandalism, but it excludes damage arising out of the , hijack or any attempts thereat.
○ Policyholder means:
– any individual whose name is stated in the schedule, his/her co-habi ng partner or spouse and directly related family members who are  nancially dependent on him/her who live with the policyholder permanently at the insured address; or
– the company, close corpora on or trust whose name appears on the schedule and the directors, members or trustees of the company, close corpora on or trust.
In this policy, the policyholder is addressed as 'you', 'your' or 'yourself'.
○ Proposal form contains the informa on provided by you together with the statements and declara ons on which this policy is based. Along with this policy wording, the most recent schedule, any amendment to cover no ce and your agreement to pay the premium, forms the contract between you and us.
○ Schedule means the latest schedule we have given you. It is an important document as it shows the covers you have chosen, how much your excess is and other policy details such as the premium and fees that apply.
○ Set means a group of similar or complementary items that belong or func on together. For example:
– golf clubs are a 'set' (the bag and buggy are separate items);
– a camera 'set' is the camera body, case, standard lens, memory card or s ck and standard accessories packaged by the manufacturer, when the camera was new;
– a jewellery 'set' is any pendant, charm or brooch, attached to any necklace, bracelet or chain (whether detachable or not) or any pair of earrings or cu inks.
○ Standard or non-standard construc on
– Standard construc on are homes that are built with walls of brick, stone or concrete and are roofed with
slate,  les, concrete, asbestos or metal.
– Non-standard construc on means anything that is not built with standard construc on material, including thatch.
○ Student means permanent members of your household who are studying full- me and are  nancially dependent on you.
○ Sum insured means the most you can claim for any one incident, the amount stated in the schedule. The sum insured includes VAT.
○ Supplementary means a document that updates or adds to the informa on in the schedule and/or policy wording.
○ Tenants means any tenant or sub-tenant or boarder including their family and servants.
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