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General terms and condi ons
○ Unoccupied longer than 60 days means the home is not furnished enough to be lived in, or no-one is ea ng, sleeping and living at the home for more than 60 consecu ve days.
○ Virus means a piece of unauthorised executable code which propagates itself through your computer system or network.
○ A warranty means some condi ons are so strict that they are actually guarantees on your part – for example, that all jewellery must be kept locked away in a safe. Make sure you understand all terms and condi ons; if you do not, it may result in us refusing to pay you out for a claim.
○ We/us/our means The Hollard Insurance Company Limited, Reg. No: 1952/003004/06 (Hollard).
○ What it costs us for repairs means what it costs us to repair the item. For replacement, it means the retail price of
the item as if it were new at the  me of the loss or damage less any discount available to us.
○ Your family means your spouse, co-habi ng partner, children, parents, grandparents and rela ves who permanently live with you most of the  me and are  nancially dependent on you, and where applicable your personal legal representa ves.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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