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General terms and condi ons
General condi ons
The following general condi ons apply to all the sec ons of the policy. We may reject your claim if you fail to comply and/or reclaim any bene t already paid to you and we will be en tled to cancel your policy.
○ Due care means:
– you must take reasonable steps to prevent accidents, bodily injury or illness and to protect your property
against loss or damage
– you must keep any property insured under this policy in good condi on and repair and ensure that every insured item is a orded a level of care and protec on commensurate with its value.
○ Duty of disclosure means you must make sure that all the informa on you give us about yourself, your property and your risk pro le is accurate. This will include for example informa on about your  nancial situa on, such as insolvency, taking up a dangerous sport like hang-gliding or a change in the driver of your vehicle. Incomplete or incorrect informa on could a ect the validity of your policy, and may result in us voiding your policy.
You must tell us immediately of any material changes that may increase the risk of loss or damage to your insured property. We will then have the right either to cancel the policy, or let it con nue with new terms and condi ons.
If you are unsure it is better to tell us. If you do not tell us something which you know or should know is relevant, we might reduce a claim, reject a claim, cancel your policy or if fraud is involved, we can treat the policy as if it never existed.
○ Fraud or wilful acts means you will lose all rights to claim under this policy if you or anyone ac ng on your behalf:
– claims fraudulently
– commits a deliberate, wilful or inten onal act resul ng in the loss or damage claimed for
– submits fraudulent or false informa on or documents in support of a claim
– deliberately exaggerates the total value of a claim.
○ Insurable interest means you must have an insurable interest in the insured property. You must stand to bene t from its con nuous undamaged existence; or to be prejudiced by its loss or damage; or by any liability which may occur.
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