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General exclusions
General exclusions
We do not cover you for any claim for loss, damage, death, injury or liability, which is caused by or results from:
○ Riots, wars, poli cal acts, terrorism or any attempt at such acts:
Generally, this refers to loss or damage to property, death or bodily injury or liability directly or indirectly related to or caused by riots, poli cal acts, war, public disorder, terrorism or any attempted act of this kind for which we cannot reasonably be held responsible. They include:
– Civil commo on, labour disturbances, riot, strike, lockout or public disorder, or any act or ac vity which is calculated or directed to bring about any of the foregoing
– War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hos li es or warlike opera ons (whether war be declared or not) or civil war
– Mu ny, military uprising, military or usurped power, mar al law or state of siege, or any other event or cause which determines the proclama on or maintenance of mar al law, or state of siege, insurrec on, rebellion or revolu on
– Any act or attempted act (whether on behalf of any organisa on, body or person, or group of persons) calculated or directed to overthrow or in uence any state or government, or any provincial, local or tribal authority with force, or by means of fear, terrorism or violence
– Any act or attempted act which is calculated or directed to bring about loss or damage or bodily injury, in order to further any poli cal aim, objec ve or cause or to bring about any social or economic change, or in protest against any state or government, or any provincial, local or tribal authority, or for the purpose of inspiring fear in the public, or any sec on thereof
– The act of any lawfully established authority in controlling, preven ng, suppressing or in any other way dealing with any occurrence referred to above.
○ Any act of terrorism means the use of threat or violence or force for poli cal, religious, personal or ideological reasons. This may or may not include an act that is harmful to human life. It could be committed by any person or group of persons, ac ng alone, on behalf of or with any organisa on or government. It includes any act commi ed with the inten on to in uence any government or inspire fear in the public.
○ Damage caused by incidents covered by legisla on means any event for which a compensa on fund has already been set up under relevant government legisla on, whether in South Africa or any other country where the policy applies. An example of such legisla on in South Africa is the War Damages Insurance and Compensa on Act (Act 85 of 1976).
○ Nuclear risks: These are risks associated with the nuclear industry in general. They include nuclear-weapons material; ionisa on, radia on or contamina on by radioac vity from any nuclear fuel or any nuclear waste; and combus on of nuclear fuel, which includes any self-sustaining process of nuclear  ssion or fusion.
○ Na onalisa on means na onalisa on, con sca on, commandeering or requisi on by any lawfully cons tuted authority.
○ Work stoppage means stoppage or slowing down of any work, process or opera on.
20 Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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