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How we se le your claim
How we settle your claim
The following condi ons on 'How we settle your claim' apply to all sec ons of this policy. We may reject your claim if you fail to comply and/or reclaim any bene t already paid to you and we will be en tled to cancel or void your policy.
Making a claim
When to make a claim
Please contact your broker to no fy us of a claim, within 72 hours, if possible. This will help us to resolve your claim quickly. You must no fy us of the claim within 30 days of the loss or damage taking place.
○ How to make a claim
– Make sure everyone is safe.
– Inform the police immediately. This is par cularly important when property has been stolen, a motor accident has occurred, people have been injured or died, or a criminal act is suspected.
– Take all reasonable steps to recover any stolen property and where safe to do so,  nd the guilty person.
– Keep details of the date on which the incident was reported, name of the police o cer, police sta on and
the report number.
– Take reasonable, necessary steps to prevent or minimise any loss, damage, injury or liability. This includes taking appropriate emergency measures and ac on to prevent or minimise any future loss, damage, injury or liability.
– Contact us without further delay. If you delay repor ng your claim, we will not pay for any addi onal loss or damage caused by your delay.
○ Legal Liability Claims
– Tell us about any incident that has caused injury to others or damage to other people’s property.
– Tell us immediately of any demands made on you to make payment to others. Send any court documents, letters of demands or any settlement o ers to us.
– If you make a legal liability claim that is covered under this policy we can decide to defend you, settle any claim against you or represent you at an inquest, o cial enquiry or court proceedings.
– If we decide to defend you, settle any claim against you or represent you, then you have to give us all the help we need including help a er your claim has been settled.
○ What you must not do
When an incident occurs that could result in a claim:
– do not get rid of damaged parts of your home, contents or motor vehicle without our consent
– do not carry out or authorise repairs without our consent unless you are not able to contact us and the
repairs are necessary to prevent further loss or damage
– do not admit liability or responsibility to anyone unless we agree
– do not nego ate, pay or settle a claim with anyone unless we agree.
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