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How we se le your claim
○ Addi onal informa on we may request on motor claims:
– the loca on of the vehicle
– copy of your driver’s licence
– names, addresses, ID numbers/licence details of drivers of your vehicle involved
– details of the owner/s of the other vehicle/s or property involved
– makes and registra on numbers of all vehicles involved
– injuries sustained by any of the par es
– photographs of damage caused and the scene of the accident.
○ Windscreen claims
It is important that you use a Hollard-approved service provider to carry out windscreen repairs or replacement. You must contact your broker and follow their instruc ons to have your windscreen replaced. You must have our authorisa on before you have the windscreen replaced or repaired.
○ If you do not comply with any of the points above we can reduce or reject your claim.
26 Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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