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How we se le your claim
How to establish your loss
○ Establish that an incident took place
When making a claim you must be able to prove that an incident covered by your policy actually took place. If you
do not do this, we will not be able to pay your claim.
○ Describe your loss or damage
You must also give us accurate and full details of what was lost, stolen or damaged and give us proof of value and
ownership for items claimed.
○ When you have a claim
Usually allowing us, a repairer or an expert appointed by us, to look at what is damaged is all that is needed to
prove your loss. We may ask you for proof of ownership and value of items claimed for.
○ Things you must do
– If we ask you to, you must talk to or meet with an expert we choose, such as a claims assessor, inves gator
or repairer.
– Allow us to arrange for experts to assess the damage and to quote on repair or replacement.
– Provide us with a quote for repair or replacement if we ask for this. If you use our recommended repairers (when available), there is no need to obtain your own quotes.
– Consult an expert if we ask for this and provide any informa on the expert requests.
– Allow us to contact your security company and have access to your keypad to verify alarm ac va on.
○ Other things you must do
– You must promptly give us any informa on and help we require to handle the claim. This can include
agreeing to be interviewed and providing relevant documents we ask for (for example, proof of ownership).
– You must either drive (if it is safe to do so) or let us move your vehicle to one of our assessment centres or repair facili es, or another loca on nominated or agreed to by us, so we can assess the damage and process your claim.
– You must allow us to recover, salvage or take possession of your vehicle.
– If we ask you to, you must attend court to give evidence.
– You must lay a charge due to the dishonesty of any member of your family or immediate household, domes c employees or contract workers, whether ac ng alone or in collusion with others.
Your co-opera on is extremely important. If you do not co-operate we may reject your claim or we may be unable to assess and pay your claim.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 27

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