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How we se le your claim
○ Examina on under oath
We have a right to examine you under oath as o en as we require. We may ask you to give us a signed descrip on of the circumstances surrounding a loss and to provide us with any records, documents, informa on or evidence that we request.
○ Further damage a er an accident
If your vehicle is in an accident and is used or driven before the repairs have been done, you will be responsible
for the cost of repairs for any further damage to the vehicle related to the accident.
○ Items in pairs and sets
If you lose or damage an item that is part of a pair or set we will decide how to compensate you for the loss or
damage by:
– restoring, repairing, rebuilding or replacing the lost or damaged item, or
– paying you out a por on of the value in line with the total value of the pair or set.
○ If we decline a claim we will provide reasons for our decision to decline it and if your claim is lodged, we will send
you written con rma on.
○ Recovered property
In the event where a recovery of the property, motor vehicle or item from a collec on has been made a er we have settled a claim, we will no fy you in wri ng. You will have the op on to purchase the property, motor vehicle or item back from us. The amount payable will be the amount paid to you by us when the claim was settled.
You will have 30 days to no fy us of your decision about purchasing the property or not a er which we have the right to dispose of it as we see  t.
○ Settlement of your claim
We will settle all valid claims as quickly as possible. We must inves gate the validity of all claims, and delays in approving claims may occur. Your cover will be limited to the amount and settlement basis stated in your schedule and your policy wording, less your excess amount. Your excess amount will be the total of your basic excess and any addi onal excess amounts that apply to the speci c claim, as stated in your schedule.
○ Total loss
We have the right to decide when the insured property can be declared a total loss. A total loss is when the cost of repairs plus salvage or replacement of the item amounts to more than the sum insured of the item at the  me of the loss.
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