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How we se le your claim
○ Time limits
– If we reject a claim in wri ng or if you dispute the outcome of your claim you may, within 90 days from the date of receiving such communica on from us, make written presenta ons to us of your objec on. Immediately following this, you have a further 180 days in which to serve a summons on us. If you do not serve a summons on us within this period your right to challenge the decision is forfeited.
– We are not liable a er 365 days from the date of the event that gives rise to a claim, unless the claim is the subject of pending court ac on or arbitra on; or is a claim in respect of your legal liability to a third party.
○ Time period to start repairs
Repairs to your vehicle must start within six months of the date that we approve your claim. If you delay the repairs a er this period, we will pay only the agreed amount at the date of our authorisa on of the claim and you will be responsible for the balance if the cost of repairs increases.
○ When we cannot match materials
– When the insured property is repaired we are not obliged to do so exactly or precisely but only as circumstances reasonably allow at our discre on. If we cannot  nd new materials to match undamaged parts, we will use the closest match available to us.
– We will do this only to the part of the structure or room where the loss or damage has occurred. We will not pay for matching building materials to create a uniform e ect throughout your home.
– If you are not sa s ed with the materials we  nd as the closest match:
• you can pay the extra cost of replacing undamaged parts of the home to achieve a uniform
appearance if we agree, or
• we will pay you what it would have cost us to repair or rebuild the damaged part.
○ You may choose to rebuild your home
You may choose to rebuild your building as close as possible to its condi on when new on the same site or on
another site and in the way you want. Provided that:
– –
you start and  nish within 12 months of the date of loss or destruc on or damage
we will not be responsible for any amounts that are more than the cost of repair or reinstatement.
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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