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How we se le your claim
Warran es
The following warran es are applicable to the following sec ons of your policy Home, Sec on 1, Contents, Sec on 2 and Fine Arts, Sec on 4 unless otherwise stated:
All non-standard construc on buildings
Your building of non-standard construc on is covered for loss or damage caused by  re only if you comply with the following condi ons:
○ Surge and  re protec on
– you must install surge protec on (LPS) equipment in accordance with Na onal Building Regula ons (SANS
speci ca on)
– it must be installed by a person (LPS installer) who is competent to install, construct and test the LPS for compliance with the requirements
– you must also be in possession of an installa on safety report issued by the designer or installer of the LPS
– it must be serviced at least once every three years by an LPS installer and you must supply us, in the form
of a maintenance cer  cate, with written proof of this if required by us
– you must install at least a 5 kg CO2  re ex nguisher in every kitchen or cooking area and on every  oor or lo  if the building is higher than one storey
– the  re ex nguishers must be maintained and serviced at least once a year. OR
○ Lightning conductors and  re protec on
If a lightning conductor is installed it must comply with the following requirements:
– the lightning conductor must be of adequate height to protect the en re building at a minimum angle of 45o from the top of the building to ground level
– where chimneys or gables are not protected a peripheral conductor must be installed around or along them and the conductor must be appropriately earthed
– the lightning conductor must be appropriately earthed to an electrode
– where metal is used in the construc on of the thatch roof such as wire mesh or metal-coated insula on,
the lightning conductor must be separately earthed
– under no circumstances should steel pipes, cables or electric wiring be in direct contact with the thatch
– there must be adequate clearance between the thatch and metal objects under it
– where metals used in the construc on of the roof are not bonded and earthed, a minimum clearance of 1 m must be maintained between metals in the roof and water pipes, vent pipes, tanks, gas pipes, antennas, telephone and bell wires, burglar alarms and electrical wiring and condui ng
Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016 33

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