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How we se le your claim
– the lightning conductor must be serviced at least once every three years by a specialist installer of conductors
– you must install at least a 5 kg CO2  re ex nguisher in every kitchen or cooking area and on every  oor or lo  if the building is higher than one storey
– the  re ex nguishers must be maintained and serviced at least once a year.
You must also comply with the following addi onal condi ons if you have the following installed:
○ Fire retardant
– all wood or thatch treated with a  re retardant must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s
speci ca ons or at a minimum interval not exceeding three years
– the treatment of the wood or thatch, as well as the maintenance of the  re retardant, must comply with SABS speci ca ons
– you must supply us with written proof of this, if required by us.
○ Chimneys
– all chimneys must comply with Na onal Building Regula ons such as the height of the chimney and the materials used to construct it; it must not create a  re hazard to any adjacent material
– a non-combus ble  ashing must be installed on the roof around the chimney.
Safe warranty
You have to keep each item of jewellery or watches valued in excess of the limit stated in the schedule in a locked safe that is  xed to the building when the building is unoccupied, or alterna vely, the items should be worn or carried by you at the  me of the loss. If not the payment will be limited to the amount stated in the schedule.
Tennis bracelet warranty
Any jewellery item that carries the descrip on of tennis bracelet must have a secure clasp which much be securely fastened while the item is worn. The clasp must be inspected by a jeweller every 12 months. If this is not adhered to we reserve the right to reject your claim.
Jewellery cer  cate warranty
Before your cover starts, you must provide us with a valua on cer  cate from a registered jeweller or valuator. If you do not, we will not pay you more than the amount stated in the schedule for jewellery, gold, silver, pla num, watches, and precious or semi-precious stones.
34 Bay Union – Pla num Policy Wording – 24 October 2016

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